Monday, 19 March 2012

How to Make Cool Twiter Backgrounds

When we talk about twitter backgrounds the twitter doesn’t allow a lot of functionality but if someone is interested to change the backgrounds there are bunch of ways to get or design cool twitterbackground. The twitter background changes include color of background, links, sidebar and can add background image that can be fixed or tilled. The main problem related to twitter background is that the image of background is hidden behind the menu and timeline. That’s the reason the users wants a twitter background.
The amount of visible space on the twitter background increases on high resolution screen however the smaller screens or the screen with low resolutions the space is decreased dramatically. So if you want to design your background around twitter so that the uploaded image won’t hide from timeline.
There are many types of twitter backgrounds but the main types are:
The Big image background:
In big image background a very large image is placed on the profile of twitter background which covers the whole area. The bottom of images is faded off so that the images merge into the twitter background.
The Fading Image background:
The fade image is smaller in size as compared to big image background the image might be square or a rectangle which covers the top left corner or the right corner of profile. The edges of image are faded into a solid color that they merge into twitter background.
The Repeating Image:
In repeated image we repeat an image throughout the background of profile so that all the space is filled with that image. This type of background is used in pattern or textured backgrounds. The text is not recommended for this background.
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