Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tools to make Cool Twitter Backgrounds

If you have an twitter account and want to create cool twitter backgrounds. I have created my Twitter background and wants to share list of things that you have to consider when you are going to set twitter background image for profile.
Different users use different screen resolutions and monitors sizes like I am using 200*1500 pixel. I think you should go with bigger than using small resolution size. So when you are using twitter the standard size of your computer screen should be 1024*768.

The background is the first thing which build your image when a user open profile so add an image keeping in mind that this image is going to represent you. You have to think that what you want your friends think about you and what type of image you want to portray on your profile.
Use colorful image or photo on your profile background because it is going to represent you. So what I think is that when you are going to create background play with colors and have fun with it.
Place your image on the top right corner because at that position the image will not be overshadowed by the twitter interface.

When you think you have created twitter backgrounds then I am quite you will get more followers. Having large no of followers with same interest will give you more chances to access more people with same interests from their friend lists. When your followers increases you are able to send your tweet to more people and from business point of view you will get more users which will increase your sales.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Importance of Cool Twitter Background for Business

If you have a company profile on the twitter page then you have to come up with a cool twitter background page that represents your business. Your profile page is the one which represent your company and a simple and plain page will not lead you to success. A well designed twitter background will appeal the users and so this way you will be able to show your tweets
The basic purpose for twitter backgrounds from business point of view is to create fusion between personal and business interests which means your page should be unique and must be designed keeping sales in mind. Changes you have to make are changing your sidebar from default and design of your own choice. Change the icons and logos those represent your company and implement the designs you want to do.
When you want to follow someone with the same interests and the followers also follow you back then you have to set cool twitter background on your profile. As the number of followers increases you are able to find more friends and if you think from business point of view then the more the people or friends you add the more chances you have to make more sales. When you have large number of friends you are able to send your tweets or show your products to more people this way you will generate more revenue.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to Search in Twitter

  It is very difficult to find people with similar interests but the internet provides you the facility to find people with similar interests. Twitter is the best place for all those people who want to find people with similar interests you can find people who like to do the same things as you do. 
You can also get cool twitter backgrounds option on the network. It allows you to find people on twitter on the basis of their interests. When you decide to follow a person with similar interests and the person you are also followed you, this way you are able to follow the others on their friends list having same interests.
There is huge number of people on the twitter and it’s not an easy job to locate a person having same interests like you. To search for any individual of your interest you need to use a hash tag the # symbol is added before your search query into search box of twitter. Example for the search is that if you want to search jenifer lopez the format for running search is #jenifer lopez and press enter. You will see a bundle of tweets by jenifer lopez.
The hash tags are also used to help your friends of finding posts easily. The people following you can easily find what you have written among the all those tweets from twitter network. You can make attraction for other users by setting cool twitter background for your profile.


Monday, 19 March 2012

How to Make Cool Twiter Backgrounds

When we talk about twitter backgrounds the twitter doesn’t allow a lot of functionality but if someone is interested to change the backgrounds there are bunch of ways to get or design cool twitterbackground. The twitter background changes include color of background, links, sidebar and can add background image that can be fixed or tilled. The main problem related to twitter background is that the image of background is hidden behind the menu and timeline. That’s the reason the users wants a twitter background.
The amount of visible space on the twitter background increases on high resolution screen however the smaller screens or the screen with low resolutions the space is decreased dramatically. So if you want to design your background around twitter so that the uploaded image won’t hide from timeline.
There are many types of twitter backgrounds but the main types are:
The Big image background:
In big image background a very large image is placed on the profile of twitter background which covers the whole area. The bottom of images is faded off so that the images merge into the twitter background.
The Fading Image background:
The fade image is smaller in size as compared to big image background the image might be square or a rectangle which covers the top left corner or the right corner of profile. The edges of image are faded into a solid color that they merge into twitter background.
The Repeating Image:
In repeated image we repeat an image throughout the background of profile so that all the space is filled with that image. This type of background is used in pattern or textured backgrounds. The text is not recommended for this background.
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