Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to Search in Twitter

  It is very difficult to find people with similar interests but the internet provides you the facility to find people with similar interests. Twitter is the best place for all those people who want to find people with similar interests you can find people who like to do the same things as you do. 
You can also get cool twitter backgrounds option on the network. It allows you to find people on twitter on the basis of their interests. When you decide to follow a person with similar interests and the person you are also followed you, this way you are able to follow the others on their friends list having same interests.
There is huge number of people on the twitter and it’s not an easy job to locate a person having same interests like you. To search for any individual of your interest you need to use a hash tag the # symbol is added before your search query into search box of twitter. Example for the search is that if you want to search jenifer lopez the format for running search is #jenifer lopez and press enter. You will see a bundle of tweets by jenifer lopez.
The hash tags are also used to help your friends of finding posts easily. The people following you can easily find what you have written among the all those tweets from twitter network. You can make attraction for other users by setting cool twitter background for your profile.


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