Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tools to make Cool Twitter Backgrounds

If you have an twitter account and want to create cool twitter backgrounds. I have created my Twitter background and wants to share list of things that you have to consider when you are going to set twitter background image for profile.
Different users use different screen resolutions and monitors sizes like I am using 200*1500 pixel. I think you should go with bigger than using small resolution size. So when you are using twitter the standard size of your computer screen should be 1024*768.

The background is the first thing which build your image when a user open profile so add an image keeping in mind that this image is going to represent you. You have to think that what you want your friends think about you and what type of image you want to portray on your profile.
Use colorful image or photo on your profile background because it is going to represent you. So what I think is that when you are going to create background play with colors and have fun with it.
Place your image on the top right corner because at that position the image will not be overshadowed by the twitter interface.

When you think you have created twitter backgrounds then I am quite you will get more followers. Having large no of followers with same interest will give you more chances to access more people with same interests from their friend lists. When your followers increases you are able to send your tweet to more people and from business point of view you will get more users which will increase your sales.

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